Accessibility on Newsela

Newsela is committed to maintaining a high level of accessibility, and delivering instructional materials that truly benefit every student. Newsela is WCAG AA Compliant, to allow more users to access our content. You can learn more about how we meet those standards in our WCAG AA Compliance Support article and blog post. In keeping with our mission, we are committed to making continuous improvements across Newsela in accordance to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. 

If you have feedback on Newsela’s accessibility, please email us at

Newsela articles include a read aloud feature, which highlights and reads the text of an article aloud. 

How to use Read Aloud

  1. Click the “Read Aloud” icon. The read aloud will automatically begin reading the text.

  2. Click the arrow “rewind” icon to start the read aloud from the article title.

  3. Click the pause button to stop the read aloud.

    1. Click the play button to continue from where the read aloud feature was paused.

  4. Scroll, or use the down arrow key, with the highlighted text to continue to read along with the voiceover.

  5. Click the “Exit X” icon to close the Read Aloud feature. 

Read Aloud functions on web browsers and the iOS version of the Newsela app.

The student experience in the Newsela web app is entirely navigable with a keyboard and screen reader, including:

  • Main menu navigation

  • The navigation at the top of the site (e.g. library, news, and text set menus) 

  • Student Activities 

  • Lexile level 

  • Power Words definitions in the article 

  • Sign In / Sign Up experience 

  • Student homepage and assignments 

  • Student Binder and Word Wall

Newsela’s student experience is fully compatible with the screen readers VoiceOver, NVDA, JAWS and TalkBack.

  • All images include alternative text descriptions for users with visual impairments.

  • Quizzes display correct and incorrect answer information in words, which screen readers can access.

  • Labels across the student experience are screen reader-friendly, including search, the article page, and activities.

New to using screen readers with your students? You can find more information on screen readers here, and some additional information on how to use VoiceOver technology here.

Newsela is also compliant with the WCAG in the following ways:

  • Colors on the homepage and read page meet color contrast standards.

  • Permanent, visible labels appear on  elements across the site. 

  • Article cards include the most relevant details for students, with a clear hierarchy of important information.

  • All interactive elements like buttons, links and menus are labeled with the name of the element.