Spanish Language Articles

Newsela offers a significant proportion of articles in Spanish, as well as in English. Each Spanish language article is offered at 5 reading levels, and contains a quiz for each level in Spanish. Articles also contain a Spanish-language write prompt.

We publish some daily news in Spanish, but are focusing on adapting our frequently used Library content, based on teacher request.

Find Content in Spanish

Find Content Using Search

  1. Log in to Newsela.

  2. Click "Search" at the top of the page.

  3. Search for the topic you are teaching, in English or in Spanish.

  4. Click "more filters" under your search term.

  5. Scroll to Language, select "Spanish," and click apply.

  6. Open any articles you would like to preview for your students or assign from your search results.

Find Content While Browsing

  1. Scroll through the homepage to "Explore Spanish: Most Recent Articles" to view the most recently published content produced in Spanish.


  1. Click any header or tab in the top or left-hand navigation bars.

  2. All articles that are offered in Spanish will have an “ES” in a circle on the article card.

Spanish Reading Level

Newsela does not calculate Spanish-language reading levels. It takes only English language quiz results into account when determining just right reading level. For more information on student levels, click here.