Election Polls FAQ

Is my students’ data anonymous?

Student privacy is paramount to Newsela. Student votes will only be shown and shared in aggregate. The results we share will show how all students voted on a percentage basis. They will not show how any one student in particular voted. 


What information can Newsela see from student accounts?

Newsela can view a student's grade level and the school a student’s class is affiliated with. Based on this information, Newsela may share only aggregated state-wide or national results from polls in Newsela articles and with other media outlets. Individual student, class-based or school-based poll responses will never be shared.


What are you using the results for?

Newsela may use the results to write articles about how students are voting or to provide information to media outlets interested in covering young people and the election. If you want to participate in polling but do not want your school or students’ results shared, you can reach out to hello@newsela.com before the poll closes and we will remove your school’s or students’ results.

Newsela’s polling feature is consistent with our Privacy Policy, which you can read here.